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Feminine Masculine Balance
Transform Your Life by Healing Yourself from The Wounds of the Patriarchy

I help all genders including trans and gender diverse identities transform their lives by teaching them how to heal their patriarchal wounds so that they can live in more peace and abundance.

  • Make the Feminine Masculine Balance Paradigm shift

  • Communicate more freely and confidently

  • Uncover what lies beneath the turmoil in the world

  • Understand how to use the FMB table

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to find a pathway to a more peaceful, progressive and nourished society.

  • You want healthy relationships at work and with family and friends.

  • You want to bring up healthy balanced children.

  • You want gender equity and to understand the energies that lie beneath it.

  • You are working hard in the field of domestic violence and feel there is something missing in achieving your goals

  • You want to get out of the “Man Box”, where you are expected to agree with society’s rigid messages on how a man should behave and whether you are a man or a women you want to avoid claustrophobic stereotypes so that you can be true to yourself.

  • You are fed up with politicians bickering, squabbling and name calling and would like true democracy where politicians collaborate with one another to achieve the best results for the whole population.

  • You want disagreements negotiated peacefully and war to be a thing of the past.

  • You want to help dismantle the masculine dominated society, commonly known as the patriarchy, and have something with which to replace it.

What if I told you there is another way?

Can you imagine;

  • Being able to bridge the gap between women, men, trans and gender diverse identities.

  • Having a practical tool that guides you to make the best possible choice in any given moment in your job and personal life from a place of wisdom, compassion and mindful detachment

  • Living true to yourself in a world of greater peace and abundance.

  • A more effective way of achieving gender equity.

This four-month course focuses on healing the wounds of the patriarchy by integrating Feminine Masculine Balance into your life. Through wisdom, compassion and mindful detachment, you will facilitate change within yourself and among your clients or wider social circle, one step at a time.

At least four different streams may potentially benefit from participation: those aware of their own patriarchal wounds, those working in the field of Domestic Violence, Men's Groups, and women working in corporations or other worlds dominated by men. Whilst I will work directly with individuals from any group, my ultimate goal is to “train the trainers” (as may be found in the latter three groups), in the belief that they are better placed to assist members of their respective communities.

The curriculum


Part One: Introduction to Feminine Masculine Balance

Part Two: Working with the Table

Part  Three: Balancing relationships and attitudes in all areas of life

For further information, please contact Jacqueline at

Enroll here soon in March 2021
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