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Feminine Masculine Balance  

Transform Your Life into One of Peace and Abundance

As you know, the masculine dominated society (patriarchy) has set up many rigid attitudes, rules and practices to keep everyone in their place by gender, race, religion, socio -economic group, age  etc.  It has affected everyone because it results in violence, poverty, inequality and toxic relationships whereas Feminine Masculine Balance (FMB) results in a safer, healthier, more peaceful and abundant world for us all.


My book provides an introduction and knowledge of FMB and then this online course helps you master FMB, offering a deeper understanding and awareness of it.  This four-month online course focuses on integrating Feminine Masculine Balance into your life. Through wisdom, compassion and mindful detachment, you will facilitate change within yourself and among your clients and/or wider social circle, one step at a time.


I would love you to join me in exploring and learning about this very important evolutionary change.

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Jacqueline offers talks on various aspects of FMB.

To discuss engaging Jacqueline as a speaker, please contact her on:


Watch Jacqueline speaking with Toni Lontis on Radio Toni from Feb 2021.

Listen to Jacqueline speaking to Vision Australia.

Vision Australia Podcast - Jacqueline McLeod
She Rebel RadioJacqueline McLeod
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