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What is FMB?
Here's my definition.

Hi, I’m Jacqueline McLeod and I’m here to help you make the paradigm shift from our current Masculine Dominated Society to one which is in Feminine Masculine Balance. I have been working on this idea for many years and have now written a book to introduce this concept into the world with the intention to achieve a peaceful and abundant society.

Feminine and masculine qualities have been recognised for eons.

Feminine Masculine Balance is described as 

  • recognising that the feminine and masculine qualities are in all of us regardless of gender; 

  • valuing and respecting the feminine to the same level as the masculine and then 

  • combining them to achieve more harmony between the two polarities.  


This brings a more balanced approach to relationships and attitudes in all areas of life and results in a safe, healthy, peaceful and abundant world for us all.

Why do I believe in it?
Why do we need this?

I believe it is the way to significantly reduce violence and greed to achieve a peaceful and abundant society.

Our current Masculine Dominated Society has achieved great advances in so many areas but we are still plagued with problems such as violence, greed, poverty, toxic relationships and inequality.  What lies behind it all is the imbalance of Feminine and Masculine energies on a global scale which we need to realign.

How do we do this?

I have devised a table: Blending Some Feminine and Masculine Principles, a free copy of which you can access by subscribing to my email below.  This table is the basis of my book: Feminine Masculine Balance, A Paradigm Shift for a Peaceful and Abundant Society. By utilising this table, you can work toward living and communicating with respect and harmony.


What else can we do to make the paradigm shift?
Thank you for being here.

I am here to help people make the paradigm shift from the Masculine Dominated Society (M-DS) to Feminine Masculine Balance (FMB) and share our experiences.  I want to hear your stories of how the table (mentioned above) and the book have helped you in all facets of your life. I want us to experience the shift to a FMB society together. That’s how we learn and grow.

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