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Violence. Poverty. Inequality. Toxic relationships are constant struggles in our masculine-dominated society, commonly known as the patriarchy.  Have you noticed that we are experiencing a global outpouring for change, exposing some of the most insidious elements of the patriarchy to public examination? Groundswell movements like the Women's March, Black Lives Matter, #timesup and the Student Walk-Outs for gun control raise a universal call against violence and domination and are calling for real change which is possible.  But first we need to understand the driving force behind all the turmoil in our world.  Underneath the layers of misogyny, entitlement, and exploitation lies a profound imbalance between the value and expression of masculine qualities over the feminine. 

In this inspirational guide, Jacqueline McLeod’s vision of a world in balance explains how masculine and feminine energies are unbalanced on a global scale. Competitiveness, rationality, and detachment while beneficial for all genders, grow dangerous when they dominate our value systems. Jacqueline believes and clearly demonstrates using a practical Feminine Masculine Balance table that women and men alike can open their eyes to a new way of being and become better versions of themselves by valuing and balancing their feminine energies with their masculine energies.


Introduction: Feminine Masculine Balance, a Paradigm Shift


Chapter 1: Women And Men Are Different, Not Opposites


(Violence results from a distorted masculine and damaged feminine)


Chapter 2: Woman Is No Longer Man’s Possession.


(the root of domestic violence)


Chapter 3: Disagreement Is Inevitable, War Is Not


Chapter 4: You Can’t Eat Money. (environment)


Chapter 5: Most Doctors Are Specialists In Disease, Not Health

Chapter 6: Forget “Work/Life Balance” …We Should be Talking About Balancing DOING And BEING


Chapter 7: Abundance Is More Than Money


Chapter 8: Parenting is Priceless


Chapter 9: True Democracy is Politicians Collaborating with one Another for the Benefit of all


Chapter 10: Religion Was Set Up by Men for Men


Chapter 11: True Power Is Being Able to Control Your Own Life Simultaneously Allowing Others to Control Theirs


Conclusion: Healing The Feminine, Healing the Masculine

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"Thank you, Jacqueline McLeod, for a great read. I enjoyed your flowing style of writing. The examples of feminine and masculine imbalance and the resulting danger to our lives, our society, are a proper eye-opener. I have recommended this valuable book to all my lady friends".

"I found the book easy to read and well presented. The Utopian aims expressed are unarguable and I understand the book is saying how things could be, not demanding that they be so. I agree completely with your thoughts on religion and I admire your honesty about yourself and your life experiences, especially regarding your family. As I noted when we last met, I am impressed by your self-discipline and adherence to your beliefs. Congratulations on getting your book published and good luck with it".

"This is an appealing book. Recounting her experiences both professionally and within her own family, the author develops a convincing argument for fostering such feminine personal qualities as compassion, imagination, sensitivity and intuition in both women and men as a counterbalance to masculine traits such as rationality, logic and competitiveness which are regarded as necessary to ‘succeed’ in modern society. We need both the masculine and the feminine.  Her hope is that when a balance is achieved, it will help to eliminate war, lessen the damage we are doing to the environment, improve our interactions with each other, and enhance our quality of life: noble aims indeed.  She admits that we have a long way to go; but hopes that her book will help to raise awareness, which is the first step to making change".

"I have finished reading your book and am in awe of your ability to write it!  When you touched on the autobiographical and I could hear your voice I often found that I was smiling and nodding in agreement, even when the stuff you were writing about wasn’t easy. But I wasn’t so surprised by your story and your propositions and encouragements because you have shared much of that with me over the years.  What did surprise me, although with hindsight I see it shouldn’t have, was the clarity of your writing...... I think it is quite unusual in these turgid times.  I found it to be peaceful reading, almost an example of “the medium is the message”.  Congratulations, I think that is a tremendous thing. It also gave me insight into the scientist in you, setting things out in that clear manner".

"In her ground-breaking book, Jacqueline underpins the patriarchal system that has donned generations.  She offers an alternative to this, where society recognises both the value and the importance of feminine energies working alongside masculine energies.  “Feminine Masculine Balance” is a call to action to the organisational inertia, which is coming undone by both national and global events, such as the #meetoo movements.  I highly recommend this important book".

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